23 Best Crewneck Sweatshirts for Men in 2023: Champion, Knickerbocker, Todd Snyder, and More

Along with plain white tees and blue jeans, they’re just about the handsomest, hardest-working pieces in your wardrobe. 

January 10, 2023

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The best crewneck sweatshirts for men are, if you’ll excuse the cliché, essentials. Plenty of fashion-minded outlets like to use that term pretty liberally, but when it comes to the gray crewneck it’s actually true—next to a plain white T-shirt and a pair of blue jeans, it really is about as essential as it gets. It’s basic in the best way—cozy as a camp fire on the beach, never not wearable, and an integral part of menswear (not to mention cinematic) history.

The humble gray crewneck helped Steve McQueen evade capture in The Great Escape, cemented John Travolta’s heartthrob status in Grease, and made Eddie Murphy a badass in Beverly Hills Cop. Paul Newman, the patron saint of laid-back menswear, wore one religiously. And today, a roster of famous—and famously stylish—dudes still put their trust in it. The only difference now is that it comes in a rainbow of different colors and silhouettes, not to mention fabrics far beyond the staid French terry. But for our money, every-dependable gray is still the shade to beat. 

The allure is equal parts form and function, a distinct mix of hard-earned ruggedness wrapped in the blanketed exterior of a fine cotton knit. But the style’s enduring popularity also means the market is flooded with spins on the athletic-inspired classic, and finding the right one can feel like more hassle than it’s worth. So to help you chase a menswear icon status of your own, we hunted down all the highest-quality, supremely versatile, absolute best crewneck sweatshirts for men available today. [Insert endlessly quotable movie line here.]

The Best Crewneck Sweatshirts Shopping Guide

The Best All-Around Crewneck Sweatshirt

Todd Snyder + Champion midweight pocket sweatshirt


Todd Snyder

Chief among Todd Snyder’s talents is that he knows how garments should fit on actual humans, not stick-thin male models named Sven. This sweatshirt hugs in the right places (biceps, back) and is relaxed where you want it to be (neck, belly). Snyder also isn’t the type to phone it in; every detail on this crewneck, from the wider cuffs to the thicker waistband hem to the chest pocket to the “V” stitch under the collar to the raglan sleeve (the kind that’s attached on an angle to the neck rather than the shoulder), is culled from the kinds of standard-issue sweats guys wore in gymnasiums and on the weekend 50-plus years ago, just reimagined the right way for today’s tastes. Like most of our favorite sweatshirts, it’s crafted from a cotton-and-polyester blend (in this case 80/20) that provides the right mix of structure and softness (as nice to the touch on the outside as it spongy on the inside). All of that—coupled with a perfect shade of heather gray—makes for a sweatshirt that looks good in every situation imaginable, whether you’re hanging out in jeans and Chucks on the weekend or pairing it with an Oxford and tweed blazer at the office.

The Best Affordable Crewneck Sweatshirt

Russell Athletic Dri-Power fleece sweatshirt

If your sweatshirt budget is decidedly smaller, your first stop should be Russell Athletic, the Alabama sportswear stalwarts who literally invented the crewneck sweatshirt way back in 1926. Almost a century later, they’re still turning out the best bang-for-your-buck fleece crew on the market. It’s got all the classic details that made Russell a household name: ribbing at the cuffs and hem, a V-insert collar, and a classic cut (size down if relaxed ain’t exactly your thing). The midweight 9 oz. fleece is pleasantly soft and warm, and it’s got moisture-wicking properties so if you run a little hot, it won’t emphasize the sweat in ‘sweatshirt’.

The Best Painstakingly Authentic Crewneck Sweatshirt

The Real McCoy’s loopwheel crewneck sweatshirt


Standard & Strange

Even by Japanese standards, The Real McCoy’s obsession with vintage Americana feels singular and strange. Since the early aughts, the tiny Kobe label has become legendary in menswear circles for its meticulous reproductions of early 20th-century icons: A-2 leather bomber jackets handcrafted from real-deal horsehide; selvedge jeans chain-stitched exactly the way Levi’s were in the 1940s; herringbone chore coats that look like they came straight off the rack of an Old West general store. Their sweatshirts are, unsurprisingly, just as painstakingly constructed—the fabric is spun on loopwheel machines from the ’20s, and then all sewn together on vintage sewing machines. If you really want to feel like one of the midcentury style heroes we mentioned up top—your McQueens and Newmans and the like—then this is the way to go.

The Best Deceptively Dressy Crewneck Sweatshirt

Wallace & Barnes boiled merino wool crewneck sweatshirt

Should you want to graduate from the usual big-box mall brand fare, there are plenty of bougier crewneck sweatshirts out there, too. (Keep scrolling and you’ll see.) So if the thought of sticking with a cotton or poly-blend version is still irking you but a conventional cashmere sweater feels too dressy, rest assured, there’s a magical sweet spot in-between. J.Crew’s Wallace & Barnes sub-label specializes in heritage-inspired goods crafted from quality fabrics that look way more premium than they cost. Naturally, this boiled merino wool joint is a firm step up from the usual French terry options you’re used to, but it won’t immediately out you as a card-carrying member of the 1%. Instead, it lands squarely between the two extremes—it can easily pass as a plain Jane crewneck when worn with a tee and roughed-up jeans, but it’ll luxe up the equation considerably with a crisp button-down and trousers. 

The Best Eco-Conscious Crewneck Sweatshirt

Everybody.World Trash crewneck



We’re not gonna pretend like buying more clothing is the solution to our ongoing environmental woes (obviously, dear reader, it is not). But at the very least, Everybody.World is pushing the industry in a better, more sustainable direction. The brand’s Trash series features tees, sweats, and hoodies made entirely out of reclaimed cotton waste, including this stellar crewneck, knit from a hefty 13 oz. fleece that’s brushed for a cozy feel and a plush hand. Wearing it feels like receiving a hug from wise old Mother Earth herself; why not reciprocate the love?

The Best Bonfire-Ready Crewneck Sweatshirt

Outerknown “Sur” sweatshirt



Outerknown, the sustainably-minded California imprint founded by pro surf legend Kelly Slater, makes easy-wearing Angeleno staples that won’t make you look like a beach bum. (Or, for that matter, the beach bum.) Naturally, the brand’s best-selling sweatshirt is cut from a supremely cozy French terry fabric crafted from a blend of slubby hemp and plush, good-for-the-planet organic cotton. The Sur comes in over half a dozen sun-dappled colors, but the heather gray version you’re looking at here is the most versatile by a mile. Sure, you could throw it on with board shorts to keep cozy before an early-morning surf sesh, but it’s sharp enough to pull double-duty at the office when you swap the trunks for chinos, too. You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get watching the sun set over the water after a long day in the sun? Pulling this guy over your head is like wrapping yourself in that feeling year-round, no beach necessary.

Plus 17 More Crewneck Sweatshirts We Love

Champion Reverse Weave pullover sweatshirt

Crewneck sweatshirts were cemented in the menswear canon thanks to brands like Champion. And though we heavily favor the label’s ongoing partnership with Todd Snyder, Champion makes a damn good sweatshirt without his help, too. 

J.Crew heritage 14 oz. fleece sweatshirt

If you needed more proof of J.Crew’s comeback, just peep the old-school looks of this beaut.

Fear of God Essentials relaxed crewneck sweatshirt

Jerry Lorenzo, the man reinventing American fashion, knows how to cut a sweatshirt better than almost any designer on the planet. So, yes, this sweatshirt from FOG’s sub-label is cozy-as-hell—it’s made from a plush French terry and fits slouchy, just the way you like it—but it’s plenty stylish, too. In other words, it’ll look just as swaggy with a shorts and mules as it will with a topcoat and sneakers.

Another Aspect ANOTHER sweatshirt 1.0

Another Aspect’s core sweatshirt boasts a fit that reminds us of the best of the ‘90s: slouchy but not too long (a common pitfall among lesser brands). It’s also made from a dense French terry that’s not only baby-soft, but GOTS-certified—so it’s baby-soft on the planet, too.


Another Aspect

Uniqlo sweatshirt

Fluffy, soft, and way more affordable than it should be.

Goodlife Clothing terry crew sweatshirt

Okay, we lied: not every killer crewneck sweatshirt has to come in gray. Goodlife’s all-black number is done up in an luxe brushed terry and—shameless plug alert—it’s available at a serious discount exclusive to GQ Box subscribers. Sign up today and watch your gray crewnecks quake. 

Knickerbocker crew

Wear this with big ol’ chinos and New Balance sneakers to sign up for the the cool dad club, an elite group of fashion guys of a certain age that don’t embarrass their kids with their fashion choices.



John Elliott thermal crew

A perfectly cropped, slightly boxy silhouette, with a waffle-knit texture more akin to vintage thermal undershirts. 


John Elliott

Reigning Champ mid weight terry sweatshirt

The best hoodie on the market remains all kinds of excellent without the hood.

Brunello Cucinelli cotton sweatshirt

The Italian fabric maestro known for his decadently soft cashmere also makes a killer cotton crewneck.

Sunspel loopback sweatshirt

There’s a reason Daniel Craig’s Bond swore by Sunspel’s sturdy basics: the heritage British label has been in the business for a long time, and its elegant take on classic-leaning sportswear is as good as it gets.

Lady White Co. ’44 sweatshirt

It’s no secret we’re big fans of LWC’s pitch-perfect tees. Also great? The L.A. label’s supremely slouchy sweats.

Lady White Co.

Ghiaia cashmere raglan crewneck sweatshirt

Ghiaia’s wildly luxurious cashmere sweats are made in Italy, but their spirit skews more laid-back Angenelo than high-strung import/export magnate.

Buck Mason Interloop crew sweatshirt

The yarn-dyed French terry means that this heathered fabric is really heathering.

Buck Mason

Everlane track crewneck sweatshirt

If the regular fit and the broken-in French terry fabric weren’t enough to convince you, the feel-good organic cotton will.

Alex Mill garment dyed crewneck sweatshirt

Alex Mill’s sweatshirt is like a hit song you can’t stop bumping on repeat. Add it your closet and then keep it the mix all year long.

Hanes Ecosmart fleece sweatshirt

Tough to beat a bare bones basic at a bare bones price.

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