In Conversation with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova– Pioneer in Scalar Energy Enhancement/Wellness Healing, New York.

Dr. Shahnoz Rusatmova To have a fuller understanding of this topic– EE(Energy Enhancement)innovation and also exactly how it might be an energetic component of the future face of deluxe health, you need to initially bear in mind the suggestion as well as significance of advancement: just how much we have actually come as well as just how much we might have the ability to go. In the very early 19th century, the suggestion of mobile phones and also its touch modern technology would certainly have appeared unimaginable. Cathode ray and also level display tvs, radios, workdesk and also laptop computer systems, or anything making use of electro-magnetic wave modern technology– all with waves jumping back and also forth to produce power areas, all unnoticeable, yet with the capacity to brighten as well as reenergize, would certainly additionally have actually boggled the mind.

Tesla’s theories regarding making uses of light as well as rotating currents in the 1890’s ended up being the bases of his creations of electrical oscillators, meters, boosted lights, and also the high-voltage transformer referred to as the Tesla Coil. He additionally recognized and also even more specified the theory (at that time) of rotating currents of electrical energy. After obtaining a license on the electrical transmission of power in May of 1888, Tesla ultimately showed rotating present electrical power at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in 1893. He after that developed the initial hydroelectric powerplant in Niagara Falls in 1895.

The factor is– his suggestions nurtured, after that developed, specifically relating to light as well as electrical power.

As well as currently, among one of the most engaging, present developments that integrate both light as well as power, with considerable future health potentialities, is called the EE system.

The Energy Enhancement System ™ Technology and also its usages have actually currently existed at countless National and also International clinical, clinical, as well as lots of various other wellness meetings consisting of the American Academy for Anti-Aging Medicine and also the Radiation Oncology Committee Meeting. Dr. Victor Marcial-Vega, M.D., John Hopkins research study doctor, Professor of Oncology, has actually affirmed prior to Congress, as well as headed medical research studies as well as research study right into this EE Technology.

. The system was created and also established by Sandra Rose Michael, Ph.D., DNM, DCSJl. This system finished in a multi-computer system, producing very bio-active life-enhancing areas consisting of Scalar areas. These areas permit mobile regrowth as well as produces right-left mind synchronization as recorded with EEG screening. The custom-installed computer systems produce power areas that commonly advertise quantifiable recovery. Every one of this might appear as well excellent to be real, however much research study has actually been achieved currently at Johns Hopkins, The University of Chicago and also various other organizations which have actually supplied extra official information collection, based upon both qualitative and also measurable methods.

To better comprehend and also check out the potentialities of this expedition of recovery with EE innovation, we talked with Dr. Shahnoz Rustamova, that has actually integrated this EE System ™ right into her OB/GYN clinical method in New York City. Dr. Rustamova has actually been acknowledged by the International Association of Top Professionals as well as was granted “Woman of The Year 2017,’ ‘Top Doctors of New York 2018,” as well as a “Health Care Hero” honor in 2021 for her front-line operate in COVID-19 alleviation.

As a leader in the Medical Spa/Wellness market, Dr. Rustamova uses the most recent modern technologies, integrating them with mainstream medication.

Along with her method, Dr. Rustamova likewise relies on returning to the area via her not-for-profit company

We were lucky to review the advancement of EE recovery approaches, and also the most recent in EE modern technologies with Dr. Rustamova.

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Dr. Rustamova JustLuxe: In your viewpoint, is the idea of health advancing from behavior to an extra instinctive, spiritual concept? Dr. Rustamova: In my technique, it is certainly progressing in this way, since with EE light treatment, the individual develops– she or he develops a state of capacity, based upon objective. Right here is a current instance: among my clients, a 79-year-old female had uterine cancer cells, was dealt with, yet it returned, she was provided Oxycodone– an effective pain reliever, by her health care doctor, as well as was informed to go house. She pertained to us, suffering, as well as in a mobility device. We recommended she being in among our chairs, unwind, and also picture herself as she wishes to be– her intent was to really feel much better; her capacity is to be well. After her EE therapy treatment, she stated she did really feel far better, much more comfy, not a lot hurting. As well as she started to stroll, leaving her mobility device behind. We informed her, as we do all our customers: our objective is, though we are unable to treat condition fairly yet, we can, via the EE modern technology, recognizing Tesla for his explorations, make her even more comfy, as well as without discomfort medications.

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Dr. Rustomova JustLuxe: How, generally, does Tesla Light treatment

, a subtext of EETherapy, job, and also what is its objective? Dr. Rustamova: Well, its objective is to reset the fee of your cells. That your cells will certainly be basically re-charged, as well as de-toxified as well as its outcome is really feeling much more vibrant, as your cell framework has actually been changed. Perhaps with this therapy, the 70 millivoltage as it remained in our young people, can be accomplished once again. In developing, aging, our mobile framework is likewise obtaining old: it has actually been revealed to food toxic substances, ecological instability, psychological issues, paradise understands what else. With this EE treatment, the client reenergizes, as well as really feels much better. Our treatment session is typically 2 hrs or much less. There is a physics behind the idea, and also the Tesla light viewpoint behind THAT.

Tesla was a wizard– he resided in the very early 20th century and also passed away in 1943, that was attracted by light which showed up, however absolutely attracted by the electrical currents, the light designers, that were undetectable. He developed the very first light bulb, and also the fluorescent tube as well as what is called the Tesla Coil. With all these developments, he assumed there were 3 powers: electrical, magnetic, as well as gravitational, they might be blended and also matched, and also the power behind those were what he called Scalar Energy at the quantum, or the extremely possibility, degree.

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Dr. Rustamova JustLuxe: What does this concern the individuals that look for higher health as they get older?Dr. Rustamova: Electrical, and also gravitational, as well as magnetic are 3 various kinds of power areas and also as Tesla understood they can remixed and also matched as theses kinds transform type– yet they are constantly flowing as well as can be adjusted, The resource of those power areas is what physicists called Scalar Energy– as well as behind that is primarily the Scalar Super Potential, it is still expanding, and also currently, Scalar power is being worked with to recover infections, consisting of HIV, and also as a result of utilizing this kind of power, we can see that viral lots have actually reduced.

When you enter into our space with the Scalar light areas on the screen, you obtain the given off power, as well as your cells have the natural changeability to renew, and also to progress. A lot more study is being done currently, as even more possible advantages related to this modern technology consist of:

– Enhanced mobile interaction: Scalar power is thought to enhance the interaction in between cells in the body, which can enhance total mobile feature as well as advertise recovery.

– Increased power and also vigor: By boosting the power circulation within the body, scalar power might aid to enhance power degrees and also enhance general vigor.

– Improved body immune system feature: Scalar power is thought to boost the body immune system, which can aid to enhance the body’s all-natural defenses versus illness as well as infection.

– Reduced swelling: The anti-inflammatory homes of Scalar power might assist to decrease swelling in the body, which is an usual root cause of discomfort as well as pain.

– Improved psychological quality: Scalar power is thought to aid stabilize the mind hemispheres, which can advertise psychological clearness, emphasis, as well as psychological security.

– Enhanced cleansing: The Scalar Energy Enhancement System is thought to advertise the removal of toxic substances from the body by boosting the body’s all-natural cleansing procedures.

Right currently, it is essential to keep in mind that the advantages of the Scalar Energy Enhancement system are still being examined, and also extra research study is required to completely comprehend its prospective advantages as well as dangers. Our understanding of this is advancing.

JustLuxe: Speaking of advancement, are we to think this technique is simply in the starting phases?

Dr. Rustamova: It absolutely is! We are still in the medicine/medication age– a partial effect of Newtonian physics. Tesla intuited there was something else that inspired gravity, electrical energy, as well as magnetism– those 3 powers that function with recovery. We are pursuing an extra all natural, instinctive method of recovery– It might take a generation to develop or possibly a lot more. We go to the start, we might make mistakes, however our enjoyment remains in the advancement as well as the education and learning. As well as we await both.

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