Carmelo Anthony Leaves a Serious Sneaker Legacy

carmelo anthony leaves a serious sneaker legacy

Photographs: Getty Images; Collage: Gabe Conte
For a brief moment in the early aughts, Melo’s Jordans captured the culture.
carmelo anthony leaves a serious sneaker legacy 1

May 22, 2023

Carmelo Anthony, who announced his retirement from the NBA this morning, leaves a striking legacy: all-time bucket getter. Undisputed hat god. Ahead-of-his-time poster. And, easily overlooked but no less crucial: real-deal sneaker innovator.

Fresh off becoming the third pick in the loaded 2003 NBA Draft, a 19-year-old Anthony inked an unprecedented six-year footwear deal with Jordan Brand.

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GQ and Tommy Hilfiger Threw a High-Speed Party in Miami

gq and tommy hilfiger threw a high speed party in miami

On Saturday night, GQ and Tommy Hilfiger teamed up to celebrate Miami race weekend with an intimate party in South Beach. Co-hosted by the designer (and lifelong motorsports fanatic) and GQ global editorial director Will Welch, the festivities brought together the sort of crowd you only get when the racing world’s giant traveling circus comes to town—headlined by special guest, seven-time Formula 1 champ, and longtime Hilfiger pal Lewis Hamilton, who’s long set the standard for style on the grid.
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