Elon Musk Has Been Tweeting a Lot. What Can His Clothing Tell Us?

elon musk has been tweeting a lot what can his clothing tell us
The self-proclaimed fashion enthusiast doesn’t dress the part.

December 23, 2022

CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk speaks at the Tesla Giga Texas manufacturing Cyber Rodeo grand opening party on April 7...

CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk speaks at the Tesla Giga Texas manufacturing “Cyber Rodeo” grand opening party on April 7, 2022 in Austin, Texas. – Tesla welcomed throngs of electric car lovers to Texas on April 7 for a huge party inaugurating a “gigafactory” the size of 100 professional soccer fields. (Photo by SUZANNE CORDEIRO / AFP) (Photo by SUZANNE CORDEIRO/AFP via Getty Images)SUZANNE CORDEIRO/Getty Images

Of the many newsworthy things tech villain of the moment Elon Musk has said this year, the most surprising might have come at the Met Gala.

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For Steph Curry, Watch Collecting Is a Family Affair

for steph curry watch collecting is a family affair
A various Rolex for every single Curry.

Photographs: Getty Images, Rolex; COllage: Gabe Conte Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, and also many desirable watches identified on celebrities.Steph Curry has actually entered into his very own as a watch collection agency over his job. Therefore if there is a slim, almost indistinct silver lining to the shoulder injury that will certainly maintain him from battle 3 reminders for a couple of weeks, it’s that he must remain to bring the fireworks unemployed.

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It Looks Like Frank Ocean Bought Pharell’s One-of-One Watch

it looks like frank ocean bought pharells one of one watch
Even fellow celebs enjoy

a watch with terrific provenance.

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By Cam Wolf December 10, 2022
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Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, as well as many desirable watches found on celebrities.Back in October, Pharrell released on the internet public auction solution Joopiter to liquidate things from his ELEVEN storage space systems stacked with the deluxe garments and also items he generated over his really elegant life time.
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Jay-Z’s $1 Million Watch Is Inspired by Samurai

jay zs 1 million watch is inspired by samurai
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Brendan Fraser Wears a Whale of a Watch

brendan fraser wears a whale of a watch
Back in the limelight, Fraser looks to an excellent wrist buddy.

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Brendan Fraser Wears a Whale of a Watch

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By Cam Wolf November 26, 2022

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Brendan Fraser Wears a Whale of a Watch
max-width: 767px )”srcset=”https://internetinfomedia.co.network/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/brendan-fraser-wears-a-whale-of-a-watch-7.jpg 120w, https://internetinfomedia.co.network/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/brendan-fraser-wears-a-whale-of-a-watch-8.jpg 240w, https://internetinfomedia.co.network/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/brendan-fraser-wears-a-whale-of-a-watch-9.jpg 320w, https://internetinfomedia.co.network/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/brendan-fraser-wears-a-whale-of-a-watch-10.jpg 640w, https://media.gq.com/photos/637e602c911b0f176699c6de/1:1/w_960,c_limit/fraser2.jpg 960w “dimensions=”100vw”>

Photographs: Getty Images, Omega; Collage: Gabe Conte

Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, as well as a lot of desirable watches identified on celebrities.Brendan Fraser is completely back. He’s upcoming movie The Whale is producing a hive’s well worth of Oscar buzz.
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Alessandro Michele Leaves Gucci After Seven-Plus Blockbuster Years

alessandro michele leaves gucci after seven plus blockbuster years
The developer turbo charged the Italian brand name with a hefty dosage of fancifulness, a lot of

Alessandro Michele Leaves Gucci After SevenPlus Blockbuster Years

By Samuel Hine November 23, 2022 Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images Alessandro Michele, that specified an age of menswear at the helm of Gucci, is out.”There are times when courses component means due to the various point of views every one people might have,”the developer claimed in a declaration launched by Gucci moms and dad firm Kering.”
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‘Limitless’ Star Chris Hemsworth’s Watch Collection Is Also Without Limits

limitless star chris hemsworths watch collection is also without limits
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23 Best Men’s Scarves in 2022: Handsome Neckwear Made Out of Cashmere, Wool, Down, and More

23 best mens scarves in 2022 handsome neckwear made out of cashmere wool down and more
There’s no excuse for an exposed neck—or a missed opportunity to flex. 
November 15, 2022

Courtesy of Getty Images

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Your mom was right: you should be wearing a scarf. From a practical perspective, the best men’s scarves will help to keep the cold from infiltrating the confines of your winter coat, and will double as a helpful face covering when freezing winds are singeing your T-zone.

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Will Certainly Ferrell Wears a Game-Changing Watch

will ferrell wears a game changing watch

By Cam Wolf November 12, 2022 Photographs by Getty Images

Welcome to Watches of the Week, where we’ll track the rarest, wildest, and also many desirable watches detected on celebrities.Will Ferrell’s Zenith El Primero resembles the descendent of a history-changing as well as terrific person. In 1969, Zenith belonged to a historical watch manufacturer chase to design the globe’s very first automated chronograph– a watch with a stop-watch feature that really did not require to be by hand wound daily.
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The Weeknd’s Patek Philippe Excels After Hours

the weeknds patek philippe excels after hours
Originally produced the casual-clothing requisition, the Aquanaut currently looks wonderful
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