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These Are the Trends Gen Z Will Be Wearing in 2023—30 Editor-Approved Picks

Maybe you’ve been gravitating toward a mishmash of thoughtfully curated outfits à la White Lotus Portia more often than usual lately. Or perhaps the idea of Simon Miller’s sky-high kiwi-colored bubble clogs and a fur-trimmed bolero isn’t out of the question anymore. No, you’re not going through a fashion identity crisis; you’re just embracing your inner Gen Z style.

At the height of the pandemic, Bloomberg released a report that confirmed everything fashion people already knew: Gen Z is on the rise. While millennials are the biggest consumers and baby boomers yield the largest spending power, Gen Z is the fastest-growing generation as it pertains to spending, and naturally, designers mare taking notice. (See: Celine’s TikTok-inspired collection or Diesel’s micro skirt that thrives in internet virality.)

Gen Z celebrities, editors, and influencers are becoming more and more prominent in not only following trends but actually making them. This year, we polled fashion stylists, editors, and students on what they’re trying and buying in 2023. Scroll on below to see what’s on Gen Z editors’ wish lists this year, and don’t be surprised if these picks make it onto your algorithm three months from now. 

Fall 2022’s prettiest trend isn’t going away quite so soon. Associate branded content editor Aniyah Morinia explains that that the ’90s choker aesthetic has had her in a chokehold since she saw it splashed across social media and several runways. “Some of my favorite content creators have been tapping into a more feminine approach, pairing rosette chokers with ruffled dresses, but I love the idea of wearing this with an oversize suit and some heels,” she says.

For V magazine’s associate fashion market editor, Emma Oleck, there’s nothing cooler than embracing your inner cringe and stepping back in time to wear an unlikely outfit combination you wouldn’t have been caught dead in five months ago. “Hot girls throw skirts over their pants,” she tells Who What Wear. “Play with asymmetry and patterns. You can use pieces from your own closet— there’s no need to buy for this trend, making it my favorite.” A dress over pants gives the same effect, making it even easier to source sustainably. 

While gold has been the color of choice for the fashion crowd over the last few years, Gen Z is turning the tide and embracing cooler, rocker-chic color palettes—including going back to silver. Cornell fashion design student Tanya Fan is a big proponent. “There is something about silver that gold can’t do. It’s striking but muted and brings out the cool undertones of my skin tone,” she explains. Dig in your closet, and you’re bound to discover something tucked away in your jewelry drawer you can bring out for a spin. 

For Kerane Marcellus, a fashion writer for outlets such as Essence and Office Magazine, there’s nothing quite like maximalism—the post-pandemic over-the-top trend that’s swept the hearts of both the fashion crowd and nearly every Depop seller. Colorful knitwear, controversial footwear, and printed dresses are all in her arsenal.

Buh-bye, Miu Miu mini. As much as miniskirts and micro hemlines have dominated the last year or so, Gen Z fashion people are embracing cozier, comfier fits—including softer materials and longer hemlines. Frankly, who likes their thighs being cold?

“As a modest dresser, I’ve always been a lover of all things maxi, but the recent surge of the trend has me replacing my jeans in favor of a long skirt,” associate fashion editor Yusra Siddiqui says. “Denim, leather, wool, you name it—I’ve got a maxi skirt in the material. Styling wise, they can easily switch between dressy and casual, and I often opt for the latter.”

If there’s anything I can admit about myself, it’s that I’m easily influenced. Like most Gen Zers, Matilda Djerf is my style North Star. I’ve dabbled in Djerf’s sustainable, ethical clothing line, Djerf Avenue, as well as her overall chic Scandi aesthetic. Not only is it incredibly timeless, but it’s flattering—being insusceptible to trend cycles and devoid of feeling dull and old come next year. Breezy button-downs, tailored pants, and well-constructed blazers are now my go-tos. 

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